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where to hang a picture?
Ideally art should be hung on a wall not opposite direct sunlight. This may, in time, cause fading. Equally, positions directly over radiators, fireplaces and other heating systems should be avoided. If you particularly wish to hang an artwork in a position which is not ideal, it is useful to advise your framer.
For example, if you wish to hang a picture in a bathroom, silicone beading can be applied to the glass to ensure a moisture seal.
Rapid change in temperature inside a frame will cause condensation to form increasing the possibility of board and art damage due to moisture inside the frame.
Newly plastered walls should be allowed to 'dry out' for 6 months before hanging any artwork. Moisture can be absorbed from the back of the picture due to the close contact.
the choice is yours
If you have a colour scheme or you would like the frame to match woodwork in your home or office, feel free to bring a sample with you.
This approach, however, may not always be appropriate.
Think carefully why you want this artwork framed.
The colour of a wall can change. If a mount and frame is chosen to enhance the artwork a position can always be found to display it.