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The most important issue in framing is knowing the techniques which are appropriate for the artwork or item to be framed. Conservation treatment is only necessary if the artwork requires this treatment, e.g. Limited Edition prints, original watercolours, old paper.
Framers are now fortunate to have acid free materials and the information available to provide customers with quality framing options for old and new alike.
Textile framing has special requirements and it is important to choose mouldings which are suitable for the final assembly. This is of particular relevance if you are having 3D Objects framed.
In choosing a finished look for a piece of art don't be misled by the notion that there is only one way it should be framed. Good choices abound. The various combinations of mat styles and colour together with the almost limitless array of frames pose countless possibilities for the finished product.
framing is as individual as you are
Whilst all wood and aluminium frames can be viewed at the workshop, I am equally happy to visit a home or business to discuss framing work should this be more convenient.
ready-made frames

Frames Ready-made frames with swept corners and detail exist in specific sizes. Available in wood tones, gold and silver colours. This option can be viewed from a catalogue and obtained where appropriate.